I didn't have the time to do a complete summer ready makeover for one of my main smokers. So, I needed a way to smoke some ribs for my parents. And so I took on the task of using one of my gas grills. I had a local meat market cut me off 9 beef ribs from a whole slab ,for they like them best. I then got  some hickory wood I had on hand. and made myself some small chips and used heavy foil to make a smoke packet.  Placed it on the burner side "after water soaking them" under my water pan.

After the grill was able to maintain a temp of around 235 for 30 minutes. I was all set to give it a try. Below are the outcome of it all. I made up a Memphis dry rub I got from Jeff over at  and rolled them in it until it was all gone. Covered them with foil and into the fridge for 45 min. Back out and a reroll again and back for another 45 min. and let sit for a 1 hour foil covered rest on the counter.


On Grill, wood chip smoke packet is on top of rock under water pan. Refilled water pan every hour. That was the only time lid was ever opened and for a second or two at that time.

After 2 hours

After 3 hours

Doneness check on the thick end part of the ribs

Off the grill to set for 10 minutes in the open air.


Ready for the tummy time!


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